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oh yeah, this happened.


Elizabeth Olsen on the set of Very Good Girls in Brooklyn, July 5th
So damned adorable!

"I really don't see why you have to send him in the Army at all, but we beg you please please don't give him a G.I. hair cut, oh please please don't! If you do we will just about die!"

"I write one page of masterpiece to ninety one pages of shit." -- Ernest Hemingway


Yoshitomo Nara. No Nukes.
“Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara has granted his fans the opportunity to download his “No Nukes” girl work and use it in protest of the Japanese governments decision to restart two nuclear reactors at the Oi power plant in Fukui Prefecture.”
Download Free “No Nukes” Print

I wish this exhibit was still at the Asia Society Museum.
Toro (Taken with Instagram)